How can you help?

You can support the ministry of Jubilate through:

  • Your Prayers

    Please pray:

    • for singers who love the Lord and are willing to work hard to make an offering of musical praise.
    • for God’s guidance on tour destinations and concert sites.
    • that God will use Jubilate to bring people into a relationship with Him.
    • for health and protection for Jubilate’s members, especially when traveling.
    • for Alba, Barbara, Robby, and Anne.
  • Your Encouragement

    • Come hear Jubilate if they appear in your area. Bring your friends, neighbors, relatives, and complete strangers!
    • Recommend Jubilate to students you know who are, will be, or have friends attending UVA.
  • Your Gifts

    You may support Jubilate by contributing to any of the following funds:

    • The Alumni Annual Fund – used to support all activities of Jubilate and the Alumni Association
    • The Jubilate Endowments – used to provide an ongoing source of support for Jubilate. There are three endowment funds:
      • The General Endowment Fund
      • The Robyn Teates Bixenman Memorial Fund
      • The David Veasey Memorial Fund

    For more information on how to donate, please visit our donate page.

Update Contact Information

Are you one of our Jubilate Alum?

Maintain the perks of being part of such a wonderful organization by updating your contact information with us. We’ll notify you about upcoming reunions, events, and more; plus, you get to be reunited with your Jubilate compadres! What’s more exciting than that?

Don’t get left out! Click here to send us your contact information and we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.