Signing up for Auditions

You can sign up to audition in the following ways:

  • Meet us at the UVa Winter Activities Fair!
  • Sign up online, literally, click any one of the Audition Sign Up buttons!
  • Email any one of our steering committee members or Alba directly, our contact information is on our about page. We can audition you anytime before Winter Retreat, so if you need time to decide, we’ll still be here!

Auditions will be held at University Baptist Church in the Choral suite (2nd floor), where our practices are held.

Practices are once a week on Sunday nights from 6-8:30pm. We have dinner, devotional time, full rehearsal, and an alternating sectional rehearsal. These practices (and other events like Retreat) are mandatory, so make sure your schedule allows you to attend practice regularly!

You should:

  • Love to sing
  • Want a home away from home — we’re a family after all
  • Have a strong commitment to our group and its success in the ministry

Time is precious, especially when you’re busy UVa students. We have about 4-5 concerts per semester, which require you to be at our weekly practices, retreats, and the performances. We also will have other events, including, but not limited to, flyering, chalking grounds, and advertising before our big events! We also have (optional, but awesome) get togethers, including movie nights, dinners, and tailgates.

If you think you meet all meet all those qualifications, then please don’t hesitate to let us know you’re interested in being a part of our group.

Things to Note Before Auditioning

Audition Information

Here’s a little bit about the audition process:

Our choir is made up of students from diverse backgrounds, and we’re committed to producing the best music possible. We’re looking for students who are dedicated musicians and who want to serve God with their talents!

There are three steps you can look forward to during your audition:

  1. Alba, our director, runs the auditions, although members of the steering committee will be present during your audition to answer questions and get to know you.
  2. We will have you sing scales so Alba can determine your range and place you in your best vocal section.
  3. There will be a sight singing portion, where Alba will have you sight read a melody and a harmony with one or more of the steering committee members.

Don’t stress, we’ll make the whole process as painless as possible.

What Happens in the Audition

How to Prepare

  • Relax! Our choir is a loving and accepting environment. We believe auditions should be fun and stress-free!
  • Get to know us! We have this website, but our members and director are always available! Check out our Schedule to see where you can meet us and get to know us before your audition!
  • Going over the first verse of Amazing Grace might help.. just an insider tip