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Alumni Associate Board of Directors

I was a member of Jubilate from 1975 through 1978 and it was hands down my favorite experience at
UVa. I sang under the famous (or is it infamous?!) Carl Beard. Under Carl, we all learned so much about
music but most of all how to sing with feeling. Music under Carl and with my fellow singers made my
soul soar. Singing since then has been my most sincere form of prayer.

I have been married 35 years to Jim Cameron. We have two terrific kids, Jimmy and Teddy. We live in
Northern Virginia near many members of my family. Jim and I run an editing business.

I am so pleased to be serving on the Jubilate alumni board. It gives me a chance to reconnect with
Jubilums I knew in college and meet new friends.

Molly Nugent Cameron, President

I was a member of Jubilate from 1979 through 1981, singing first under Carl Beard, in what was to be his last year, and then with interim director, Edmund Najera.  I previously served on the Jubilate Alumni Board from July 2012 through June 2015, acting as Secretary and then President.

I found a home in Jubilate when University Singers didn’t want me due a lack of sight reading ability, proving that God truly has a plan.  Jubilate cultivated my love of singing and helped me grow both musically and spiritually.  When I look back on my years in Jubilate, I remember the great music, but treasure the fellowship.

I live in Baltimore with my wife, Barb.  We have two children, Sarah (26) and Ben (19) and we worship at Grace United Methodist Church, where both Barb and I sing in the choir.  My ability to contribute to the offering plate comes from working at Baltimore Gas and Electric Company as the Manager, Customer Payment Operations.  In my spare time, I also sing with the Johns Hopkins University Choral Society, a student and community choir, and am very involved with the Boy Scouts.

Chuck Starkey, Vice President

Alba has been the director of Jubilate since 2002. He enjoys working with talented students and loves to introduce them to music that will be a part of their lives forever. He still sings songs that he learned way back in the dark ages; they always bring him joy or comfort or challenge, and he wants all people to have this experience!

Alba Beasley, Director

I was in Jubilate from 1974 through 1979, singing one extra year because I decided to stay in Charlottesville after graduation. In Jubilate, I sang with Carl Beard, but I have also had the pleasure of singing in the UBC Sanctuary Choir with Len Willingham, Mike Norris, Kevin Holland, and Alba Beasley. I also had the privilege of serving as Jubilate’s Business Manager during two different “interim” years. The first was 1995–1996, during Kevin’s first year when he was the part-time interim director. The second was 2001–2002, when Jeff LeDuc was the interim director, and Alba came onboard halfway through the year.

I have been married to Tom Mundell for 37 years, and we have two grown sons, Michael and Andrew. Andrew was the first Jubilate “legacy” member! I have worked at UVA since a few weeks after graduation, and almost all of that time has been in information technology. I still sing in the UBC choir, in the Virginia Consort (a local semi-professional chamber choir), and in the Virginia Baptist Women’s Chorale, along with fellow board members, Joy Eure and Jen Bates.

Diane Mundell, Treasurer

I was in Jubilate from 1994–1999. One of the positives of staying an extra year at UVa to obtain my master’s was an extra year to sing in Jubilate! Jubilate helped me grow musically, and the friendships I formed in the group have lasted through the years. Currently I live in Fredericksburg, VA and work in Finance & Accounting for Stafford County Public Schools. My husband John serves as pastor of Ferry Farm Baptist, and we have two children, Annmarie (11) and Nathan (8). I’m still involved musically at my church and I sing with the Virginia Baptist Women’s Chorale.

Joy Shearon Eure, Secretary

I sang in Jubilate from 1993-1998 with Mike Norris and Kevin Holland, and was business manager from 2000-2001 when Jeff LeDuc was director.  Since college, I’ve mostly been living in Charlottesville and working as a high school English teacher, with two years of library school and two years as a high school librarian in the middle of my career.  In addition to the singing, my favorite thing about being in Jubilate was forming life-long friendships.

Jennifer Bates, Board Member

Hi, I’m Ryan! I was in Jubilate during my undergrad years at UVA, from 2001 through 2005. I have great memories of singing under the direction of Jeff Leduc and Alba, and made many life-long friendships during those fun, enriching years on Grounds. Jubilate was a huge part of my college experience and really did (and does) feel like an extended family.

Today, I live in Richmond, VA and have two “fur baby” children, English Springer Spaniels named Forest and Abby. Being a creature of habit, I have been with Capital One for almost 12 years, working in various accounting, reporting, and risk roles. My passion for music and singing continues, and I am actively involved in the music ministry at Derbyshire Baptist Church under the direction of David Schwoebel, singing alongside fellow Jubilums Brennan Sigel (Guion) and Jen Payne. My hobbies include weather, travel, politics, piano, singing, and food.

Ryan Hopson, Board Member
Nancy Gaines, Board Member
John Harrell, Board Member

I sang in Jubilate all four years I was at UVa, from 1986–1990. I was fortunate to be introduced to Jubilate by my church librarian, Becky Sykes, at First Baptist Church, Greensboro; she was a Jubilate alumna. I sang under Len Willingham for three years and Edmund Najera led us my fourth year. Jubilate was a safe haven for me in the midst of the larger University community, a small group where I formed lasting friendships. Looking back, I also really appreciate the difficulty of the music we sang and the musical excellence to which we aspired as a group.

Raleigh, North Carolina has been my home since I graduated in 1990. My husband, Brad, and I have two children, Alex (age 16) and Elena (age 12 ½); we are very involved members of Forest Hills Baptist Church, where I sing in the choir (along with both of my children!). After a 14-year career in Economic Development, I left my paying job in 2004 to stay home with my children, and it is the best job I ever had! I am also involved in volunteer roles at church and school. This is my second term on the Jubilate Alumni Board.

Cheryl Holmes Hibbs, Board Member
Kathleen Leiner, Board Member
Carolyn Lowry, Board Member
John Rickman, Board Member
Hi! I’m Erin (Veasey) Recachinas. I was in Jubilate from 2010 – 2014 as an Alto.  I graduated from UVa with a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics and I now am a software engineer.  I am married to a fellow Jubilum Mike and we live in Northern England with our dog, Poppy.  In my free time when I’m not coding or singing I love to cook and bake, knit, travel, read, and do yoga.
Erin Recachinas, Board Member
Caitlin Smith, Board Member


Carl Beard, 1973-1980

Edmund Najera, Fall 1980-1981*

Len Willingham, 1981-1989

Edmund Najera, Fall 1989-1990

Mike Norris, 1990-1995

Kevin Holland, 1995-1999

Jeff LeDuc, 2000-2002*

Alba Beasley, 2002-today


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